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Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines is an on-demand, scalable cloud computing Azure service.


Automatic scaling
Autoscale up to thousands of VMs according to demand or defined schedules with Virtual Machine Scale Sets.


Accelerated performance
Enhance network and storage performance with the Azure Boost custom hardware and optimized hypervisor design.


Rapid backup and restore 
Ensure business continuity with Azure Backup and rapid disaster recovery solutions.


Multiple OS support
Choose from Linux, Windows, and other OS options for a tailored VM experience.


Built-in monitoring and management
Monitor performance in real time and automate VM management using Azure Monitor and Application Insights.


AI and high-performance computing
Create the most cutting-edge AI and performance applications with GPU-enabled and HPC-optimized VMs in Azure.

Deploy diverse applications
Run apps from SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP to open-source software and high-performance computing.


Maximize your service
Optimize costs by using Azure reservations, Azure Spot Virtual Machines, Azure savings plan for compute, and Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Scale rapidly and reliably
Deploy thousands of different virtual machines across 60+ regions, backed by a 99.99 percent high-availability SLA.


Ensure robust data security
Protect data in use with Azure confidential computing and data at rest with disk encryption.


Migrate and extend your apps
Easily transition applications to the cloud with Azure Migrate and extend on-premises datacenters using Azure Arc.


Transform the way your work with Azure

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