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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing Sector

Strengthen your manufacturing business by connecting systems and data to anticipate change, minimize disruptions, and reduce time to market. And all while building better customer relationships using real-time information.

Design and training
Introduce new products and services quickly.

  • Centrally manage product information.

  • Streamlines engineering change management processes.

  • Improve safety, quality and productivity with hands-free work instructions.


Planning and sourcing
Keep your line moving by anticipating problems before they arise.

  • Plan production and distribution in near real-time, with services stored in memory.

  • Use AI-enriched demand forecasting.

  • It brings together your data from disparate systems with low-code connectors.

  • Procurement processes with simplified contract management, critical supply redundancies, and vendor selection based on historical data.

  • Simplify and automate manual processes with low-code applications.

Production and distribution
Meet changing customer needs by introducing agility into your supply chain.

  • Get support for discrete, process, zero-waste, and mixed-mode manufacturing.

  • Drive sustainable manufacturing with connected factories using IoT and AI.

  • Increase resiliency and scale with state-of-the-art computing.

  • Fulfill orders effectively with intelligent order and warehouse management.

  • Manage inventory with real-time data.


Asset Management
Increases your resistance by connecting assets.

  • Enable predictive maintenance using sensor and AI data.

  • Automate mundane tasks with robotic process automation (RPA).

  • Improve learning and onboard staff faster with mixed reality.

Create trusting relationships with customers and strengthen them.

  • Streamline and automate sales processes to sell to new leads and identify opportunities with existing customers.

  • Track relationship needs and relationship statuses with real-time insights.

  • Personalize customer interactions across multiple channels to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships.


Increase customer loyalty by offering exceptional service.

  • Proactive field service including AI-optimized scheduling

  • Real-time remote support, with mixed reality annotations

  • Omnichannel and self-service customer service

Solutions tailored to your manufacturing needs

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