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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Protect your revenue and your customers.


Adaptive AI that constantly learns how to protect against fraudulent payments, bots, account takeovers, and fraudulent chargebacks and discounts

Why choose Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection?

Higher acceptance rate 

Reduces false positives and shares information about a transaction's risk exposure with partner banks and issuers to help them make a more informed assessment during purchase risk assessment.

Increased fraud detection

Adaptive artificial intelligence learns to recognize fraudulent patterns. The flexible decision engine uses AI scoring to help you automate real-time actions, customize your protection strategy, and enforce unique business policies.

Connected Intelligence 

A global view of customer activity and fraud. Built-in device fingerprinting and a connected knowledge graph help you stop more fraud 24/7 while keeping your customers' privacy intact.

Essential features to protect against fraud

Account Protection

It helps protect your reputation by defending against bot attacks, fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent account access.

  • Improves detection of account-related fraud.

  • Help protect your accounts with a fraud protection network.

  • Helps protect accounts with device fingerprinting.

  • Work with a flexible account rules engine that fits your needs.

  • Help defend your accounts with bot protection.

  • Configure the engine to suit your business needs.

Purchase protection

Improve transaction acceptance rates with information that helps you balance revenue opportunities with losses from fraud and payment issues.

  • Help focus on profitability

  • Collaborate to secure transactions

  • Triangulate fraudulent transactions with multiple data points

  • Experience tailored to your business

  • Increase transaction acceptance

  • Help improve customer incident escalation

Loss prevention

Identify anomalies and potential fraudulent returns and discounts to act quickly to reduce revenue impact.

  • Detect transactional anomalies with intelligent machine learning

  • Help protect store losses

  • Triangulate fraudulent returns and discounts using multiple data points

  • Provide clear and useful reports

  • Automated detection

Digital transformation for your company

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