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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Retail Sector

Add more dimensions across retail experiences with a set of industry-leading AI capabilities, architectural capabilities and techniques that enable you to interact with confidence and agility

Deliver the most relevant and differentiated customer interactions at the point of consideration with detailed audience insights.

  • Information to predict customer intent

  • Organized tours with real-time AI

  • Intelligent search and discovery

  • Content-based commerce

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It enables customers to shop anytime, anywhere, and on any channel with seamlessly connected shopping options.

  • Business-to-consumer and business-to-business connected e-commerce

  • Omnichannel business experiences

  • Retail Store Management

  • Prices and promotions

  • Telephone sales

Get customers for life with intuitive and powerful tools that far exceed expectations.

  • Complete customer perspective for connected experiences

  • Loyalty and retention programs

  • Seamless multi-channel product returns

  • Intuitive customer service

  • Real-time order tracking


Create a single source of truthful truth so your business can plan and deliver value with real-time insights and a connected infrastructure.

  • Real-time inventory visibility

  • Product Information Management

  • Inventory allocation and replenishment

  • Categorization, assortment planning and use of catalogs

Retail operations
Give employees the resources they need, eliminate redundant tasks, and provide actionable insights to the team at the most critical moments.

  • Retail Store Operations

  • Robust performance analytics and omnichannel sales

  • Finance and payment management

  • Account Protection and Fraud and Loss Prevention

  • Computer vision to optimize your space with analytics and alerts


Order Processing
It offers more options to customers by reducing the costs associated with the processing of products.

  • Contactless purchasing capabilities

  • Buy online and go to the store to pick up the order or return it

  • Intelligent order management

  • Advanced warehouse management

Accelerate business growth with a solution tailored for retailers

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