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Azure AI Services

Crea modernas aplicaciones de inteligencia artificial preparadas para el mercado con API y modelos listos para usar y personalizables.

Create intelligent, cutting-edge, market-ready, and responsible applications with out-of-the-box and pre-built and customizable APIs and models.
Example applications include natural language processing for conversations, search, monitoring, translation, speech, vision, and decision-making.

Build with customizable APIs and models

Azure OpenAI Service

Build your own copilot and generative AI applications with cutting-edge language and vision models.

Azure AI Search

Retrieve the most relevant data using keyword, vector, and hybrid search.

Azure AI Content Safety

Monitor text and images to detect offensive or inappropriate content.

Azure AI Translator

Translate documents and text in real time across more than 100 languages.

Azure AI Speech

Use industry-leading AI services such as speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, and speaker recognition.

Azure AI Vision

Read text, analyze images, and detect faces with optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning.

Azure AI Language

Build conversational interfaces, summarize documents, and analyze text using prebuilt AI-powered features.

Azure AI Document Intelligence

Apply advanced machine learning to extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from documents.

Build intelligent apps with industry-leading AI

Deploy AI at market speed
Quickly infuse generative AI into production workloads using SDKs and APIs.


Access industry-leading technology
Gain a competitive edge by building AI apps powered by foundation models, including those from OpenAI, Meta, and Microsoft.

Trust your AI aplication
Detect and mitigate harmful use with built-in responsible AI, enterprise-grade Azure security, and responsible AI tooling.


Transform the way your work with Azure

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