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Azure Functions

Execute event-driven serverless code with an end to end development experience.

Accelerate and simplify serverless application development

Azure Functions is an event-driven, serverless compute platform that helps you develop more efficiently using the programming language of your choice. Focus on core business logic with the highest level of hardware abstraction. Simplify complex orchestration challenges, build and debug locally, deploy at scale in the cloud, and connect functions to Azure services using triggers and bindings.


Integrated programming model with a variety of programming languages


Built-in serverless elasticity to build fast, secure, and reliable apps at scale

Flexible hosting options with a pay-per-use model for improved operational efficiency


Built-in DevOps tools for an end-to-end development experience

Develop your way

  • Optimize inner loop development on your local machine.

  • Accelerate development by using your existing programming language skills. With the integrated programming model, respond to events and seamlessly connect to other services with a rich set of triggers and bindings..


Use event-driven architecture with open-source components

  • Build your app with a wide variety of data and event sources.

  • Simplify complex orchestration challenges with the Durable

  • Functions extension and write stateful workflows in a serverless compute environment.

  • Easily integrate multiple app types in a microservices design.

  • Secure your apps with Azure Key Vault, network isolation, and built-in interoperation with other Azure services.

  • Enforce regulatory compliance controls using Azure Policy with built-in guardrails and cloud security benchmarks.

Build cost-optimized portable serverless apps

  • Choose your target compute with flexible hosting options including pay as you go.

  • Leverage a centralized environment for consistent and secure network isolation, observability, and scaling.


Build and run apps anywhere

  • Build and debug apps locally with open-source runtime.

  • Deploy, monitor, and govern your applications with GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, and more options.

  • Build extensible deployment pipelines for your needs.


Transform the way your work with Azure

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