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Microsoft Dynamics 365

It accelerates automakers' transformation from traditional producers to mobility service providers by rapidly advancing engineering, manufacturing, customer experience and in-vehicle experience.

Emerging Mobility Services
Use advanced data insights to drive your business strategy and diversify the creation of smart mobility services that produce new revenue streams and improve profitability beyond your core business services.


Differentiated customer experience
Create personalized omnichannel customer experiences by leveraging new customer insights from integrated marketing, sales, service, and connected data data.

Accelerated vehicle innovation
Innovates vehicle products and services to deliver safety, compliance, and enhanced mobility experience.


Resilient operations
Keep pace with automotive innovation while creating efficiencies and reducing costs with supply chain intelligence that uses the technology of the factories of the future.

Increased organizational productivity
Create a connected, productive organization by empowering your teams with secure collaboration tools and the processing power of Azure to accelerate complex tasks.


Your transformation to smart mobility services starts here.

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