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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Connect your entire project management enterprise with a single application.


Enjoy the visibility, collaboration, and agility needed to drive success in your project management business.

Contributes to the success and profitability of projects

Improve operations management experience

Get more bids by managing projects better and creating budgets, estimates and scope definition more accurately.

  • Customize resources based on costs and pricing.

  • It uses operations structures adapted for project-based organizations.

  • Reduces trading cycles.

  • Manage the entire process with a unified sales information dashboard.

Drive success with enhanced project management capabilities

Manage projects flexibly using simple features built into Microsoft Project, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

  • It gives project managers the tools they need to succeed.

  • Calculate and monitor the projects you want to budget.

  • Collaborate easily throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Adjust projects based on key knowledge.

  • Forecasts trends for the duration of a project.

Optimize resource usage

It works with the certainty that it assigns the right people to each project by applying the knowledge gained about resource use, programming, management and skills.

  • Maximize your resources.

  • Assign the right people to the right projects.

  • Anticipate sourcing needs with smart scheduling.

Simplifies time control and expense management

Submit, approve, process, and reconcile timesheets and expenses wherever you are to streamline customer reimbursements and billing.

  • Send the time and expense reports wherever you are.

  • Facilitates regulatory compliance for team members.

  • Ensures reporting accuracy and compliance with spending policies.

Boost company performance by optimizing project financial management

Manage project accounting more accurately and recognize revenue in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IFRS).

  • Recognize income correctly and in a timely manner.

  • Improve cash flow by billing customers faster.

  • Manage project accounting more accurately.

  • Extend your system to achieve a service-centric ERP.

Improve visibility for greater business impact

Adapt quickly to market demands by extracting actionable insights through a consolidated view of project sales and financial data.

  • Consult key insights to make fast, informed decisions.

  • Put data at everyone's service to break down information silos.

  • Create forecast snapshots.

Run a project management company that is profitable

Empower your teams to win more contracts, optimize resource utilization, accelerate project delivery, and extract insights from across the enterprise, from sales to project financials.


Digital transformation for your company

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