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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

A unified commercial service at scale.


Forge lasting relationships with smart tools that reinforce your brand.

Smooth and consistent interaction

It gives customers the resources they need to decide when, how and where to shop, whatever device they use, across both digital and physical channels.



  • Omnichannel interactions
    Use custom capabilities and features that B2B organizations and users need for a self-service shopping experience.

  • Customer loyalty and end-to-end personalization
    Improve customer experience across all shopping channels and exceed expectations with personalized product selection

  • Optimized digital commerce
    Quickly open websites and easily create content using drag-and-drop functionality and Sitecore CMS integration with an easy-to-use visual page builder.


  • AI-managed smart commerce
    Use the Commerce authoring tools and Accessibility Information to help customers with different abilities easily access page content.


  • Onectated purchasing processes
    Use authentic, personalized ecommerce experiences along with advanced, engaging product pages to prevent customers from abandoning their carts.


  • Decentralized, scalable solution that prioritizes APIs
    Support traditional, new and emerging channels using an agile, API-managed headless commerce engine to help you adapt to current and future needs.

Smart Add-ons


Improve the customer shopping experience
Use AI-generated recommendations both online and in-store to deliver personalized customer interactions across channels.



Capture product ratings and ratings from your customers
Increase, strengthen, and improve the selling experience through AI-moderated ratings and rankings.

Digital transformation for your company

Leave everything in the hands of our experts and contact us.

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