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Payroll and human resources suite that manages the administration, control and development of personnel through an intuitive platform, based on the best practices and trends of world-class companies.

Benefits of using a Payroll System

  • Automates personnel administration
  • Automatically pay your salary
  • Eliminate manual labor
  • Contributes to staff growth and development
  • Generates timely information for decision making
  • Reduces operating costs in human talent managemen

The fastest growing payroll software in Mexico.


Streamlines and automates payroll generation and administration processes.


  • Save time on operational tasks.

  • Maintain a favorable environment by always paying your employees correctly and on time.

  • It ensures that the entire team involved and responsible for payroll management collaborates and fulfills their responsibilities.

  • Comply without worries with your obligations with the tax, employer and labor authorities.

Main Functions

  • Payroll authorization using a comparison of the current payroll against previous payrolls in a global and detailed way.

  • Automatic generation of the accounting policy to charge it to your ERP.

  • Guarantee the deductibility of the payroll through a validation of the stamp by means of the FORTIA vs SAT certification.

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