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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Food Sector

It provides complete control of your supply chain and all related data, plus helps you manage processes with intelligent analytics while complying with all health and safety regulations.

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP

Full supply chain visibility

Track your materials at any point in the supply chain and keep all related data up to date. This includes recording and controlling attributes such as country of origin, expiration date, grade, variety, package specifications, and much more.

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Take control of food safety and regulatory compliance

Make sure all products containing allergens are properly labeled and avoid contamination of other items. Our solution allows you to ensure that your operations comply with all applicable regulations and are prepared for an audit or product recall.

Efficient warehouse operations

Flexible control and comprehensive management of your warehouse to optimize space, maintain accurate inventory and maximize performance. It lets you know exactly what ingredients are used in each batch and where the products are headed. Batch identification with smart tags facilitates quick scanning for detailed results.


Optimized food production cycle

Control your operations and better manage every step of production, from R+D and costing, to batch planning and processing. Manage important documents on our easily accessible digital platform. Take advantage of intelligent forecasting systems that inform planning and production.

Quality control from start to finish

Automate your consistency, temperature, size, shape, and other quality checks with smart sensors. Implement quality score sheets to ensure all products meet expectations.


Real-time information

All collected data is immediately updated in the system, allowing you to quickly identify errors and resolve them. Clear visual information from the data makes it possible to identify weaknesses and strengths. Make decisions based on data delivered instantly in an increasingly open market and improve or replace underperforming products.

Automatic updates

Never miss the latest features with automatic system updates. Rest assured that you will always have the latest version of the system and be equipped with all the tools available to tackle the toughest problems.


Have better tracking, automation, regulatory compliance, reporting, and real-time data collection all in one place

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